Friday, August 24, 2007

Where does my mind go as night comes?

Fuuhhh,,,, Where does my mind go as night comes?

Every single of my step, I always follow that road. It’s along distance road and bending as well. I don’t think that it is a very long road, even longer.

Sometimes, I’m confused about the steps I’ve made. Nevertheless, I have to convince myself that it will be worthy experience for my coming steps.

Before getting sleep, the steps I’ve made usually comes in my head. It’s such a burden to me that I can’t sleep. I’ve worked all-day. I’m very exhausted, I do like to sleep. I wish I could sleep. I do not know why it bother me so frequently that I can’t sleep all-night. Or, perhaps it’s just my fear of being mature. I can say that it’s my fear.
I feel scared too about the steps I’ve made. I’m scared that my steps have a boomerang effect (I hope it wouldn’t) since I’m haunted by my unfulfilled goal (May Allah always help me).

Once, I think over the past which is simple to me. Yet, I know that it is not plausible after knowing it from my previous steps I’ve made, time I’ve passed through, lessons I’ve got and many kind of people I’ve met.
Various steps I’ve made. I do not know which one is out of the track. I feel that the steps I’ve made will be useful for me, especially my family for accompanying me always.
I do hope those steps become better and better.